with Mrs. Fox! 
Class Rules

Listen and follow direction.

Raise your hand silently.

Use art tools and materials safely and responsibly.

Work quietly.

Be nice.

Stay in your seat.


BFA University of Georgia

MFA, University of Georgia

Teaching Certificate, Georgia State University

Course Description

Students are exposed to a variety of art media and tools appropriate for each age group. Media includes drawing, painting, sculpture, bookmaking and printmaking.


Kindergarten has just completed their “Creature Project.” They focused on shape, pattern, cutting and sorting circles large to small. A patterned body was connected to a tail with spots and a head with sharp teeth to create a 4 foot alligator! They watched a video about how alligators actually hatch from eggs, and then used a white lunch bag to serve as the “egg” for their alligator. K’s are now working on creating radial designs with symmetry.
First graders have just completed their mudcloth weavings. Their “cloth” was woven from neutral colored paper strips to simulate the African mudcloth colors, browns, beiges, tans and black. After creating a virtual mudcloth on the Smithsonian Museum site, Discovering Mudcloth, students drew patterns on their weavings. First graders are now working on story quilts inspired by African American artist Faith Ringgold.
Second graders just wrapped up their circle weavings and are now beginning a Still Life Folk Art project. The still life will be a mixed media project emphasizing color, pattern, shape and composition.
Third graders are exploring the color wheel. Art standards in third grade require students to identify and mix secondary and intermediate colors from the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Students are filling their papers mixing and painting 12 different colors, then adding contrast with white and black paint. Next up is a yummy project called the “Edible Color Wheel” which is a fun way to wrap up their color theory lesson.
Fourth grade just completed their Moon Books, an interdisciplinary art/science project. Students learned bookmaking skills, created value changes with oil pastels and blending stumps and experimented with watercolor techniques. They have just begun a project that will turn a line design into an original sculpture. The objectives are to create a line design that can stand alone as a work of art with pattern and then create a 3-D piece with balance and rhythm.
Fifth graders are working on weaving a pouch with a cardboard loom. Some are adding braided straps and flaps. A few students who have finished early are experimenting with the Japanese Kumihimo braiding looms and also larger tapestry weavings.

Mixed Media Landscape inspired by Van Gogh, done by 3rd Grader, Darvin, from Ms. Vela's Class 
   with Mr. West and Mrs. Casanova!

This month in music we are studying “Movement March.” The entire month we will be doing activities that involve moving with music using choreographed and non-choreographed movement. Movement through music is one of the pillars in the Orff Schulwerk method of music education that we provide at Woodward, and students have fun during the activities while they are learning at the same time!

Kindergarten and 1st grade will be learning various folk dances this month including “Alabama Gal” which stresses the importance of phrasing, patterns, and teamwork. Students will also be learning to keep steady beat on our hand drums this month as well.

Congratulations to our 2nd and 3rd graders for performing a successful Black History Program that was full of songs from the past and a hope for the future! A big thank you goes out to the Cross Keys Marching Band for visiting as our special guests! 2nd and 3rd grade will be learning songs with hand clapping games for “Movement March,” as we learn the song “Miss Mary Mack.”

Our 4th and 5th grade chorus is preparing their music for our annual Cross Keys cluster concert coming up this spring where they will perform for their peers from other elementary schools in our cluster. We will be preparing two pieces to perform that are contrasting in style and we plan on visiting Dresden Elementary at the end of the month to perform. 

5th graders are also practicing recorders, and students are starting to pass off tests to get their belts for Recorder Karate. Keep it up 5th grade!

National Music Standards

 with Coach Skarzinski and Coach Paden!

May is a big month for the Health and Physical Education Department. Woodward's annual Field Day will be held at Cross Keys on Thursday, May 11th for Pre-K through Fourth grade, and Friday, May 12th for 5th grade. Field day is always a much anticipated event, so we are in the planning stages to ensure that this year's event is the best ever! And, parents are always welcome to assist with Field Day or just have fun with their child(ren)! In the days leading up to Field Day, students in P.E. will get to demonstrate some of the skills they've learned throughout the school year (i.e. striking skills, throwing skills) during the various stations we will have set up in the gym.

As always, we encourage parents to promote a healthy lifestyle to their children by providing healthy food choices and ensuring that they stay physically active away from school!

    with Mr. Connelly! 



This April and May, we will have some students taking their Georgia Milestones’ Tests in the Computer Lab but the children will also work on doing coding that is more complicated than previous assignments because these new lessons involve more involved logic plus reading skills.

Now, the older student (grades 3-5) will work in the second and third courses offered by Code.Org and the younger ones (grades K-2) will try working with puzzles using Minecraft.

We will continue to use “Pair Programming” because “2 heads are better then 1.”

As usual students will have opportunities to problem solve, to think both creatively and critically, and to have fun while they are learning this. They are expected to collaborate with a partner to solve problems that they encounter as they do their work.

We will also offer all pairs an opportunity to meet with me in quick short meeting that we call a Scrum where they are expected to answer three questions.

1. What did you do since the last Scrum Meeting?

2. What are your blocks? (or what is getting in the way of your success?)

3. What will you be doing until the next Scrum Meeting?

The results of the Scrum help the students focus on and control their own learning.

with Ms. Dugger!

My name is Ms. Dugger, I teach the Science Lab with my helper, Leo the Turtle. In the Science Lab students in grades Kindergarten to 5th grade participate in hands-on activities that correlate with what they are learning in their Science class. We are very active here and always busy.

You can catch us learning about our five sense by making Jell-O fizz or learning about heat while cooking in our solar ovens. Please ask your child what they did in science lab this week. I’m sure they would love to share the exciting and fun experiments with you! They may even want to try them at home. :) 

Students are hard at work in the Science Lab! We are focusing on real world experiments and understanding the world around us. Ms. Dugger and Ms. Childers are excited to take our Science Olympiad team to our science competition on March 18th. The Olympiad team will compete against other Dekalb County schools in their knowledge of science.
Last year we hatched and raised chicks we can’t wait to see what this year brings! 
Colleen Casanova
Music Specialist
Raymond Connelly
Teacher, Technology
Jessica Dugger
Science Lab Teacher
Suzanne Fox
Teacher, Art
Michael Paden
Teacher, Physical Education
Edmund Skarzinski
Teacher, Health and Phys. Ed.
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Music Specialist
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