The Special Education team works with students in all grades who may need a little extra help to succeed in school. Students receive services in several models.
Co-Teaching: A special education teacher goes into the regular classroom and helps teach all the students in the classroom.
Resource: Students are pulled out of their classroom in a smaller group. This smaller class means that they get more one-on-one attention and the curriculum can be tailored to their individual needs.
Supportive Instruction: A teaching assistant, called a paraprofessional, goes into the classroom to assist the regular education teacher. They will focus on the students with disabilities, but may help any child that needs help.
Consult: A student will be in their regular classroom all day, but a teacher will occasionally check in to see how they are doing and give the teacher advice on how to work with the student.
Lisa Bowie
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Sarah Dickson
Kawana Dorsey
Venita Heaven
Kamrun Kibria
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Tonya Martin
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Elizabeth McDuffie
Iver Principe
Kenneth Rutledge
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Angelic Stephens
Geoffrey Thoroughman
Emily Woods
Speech Therapist
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