Welcome to Second Grade!

Second semester is rapidly coming to an end with 6 more weeks to go! April will be an exciting month as we get ready to become 3rd graders! This month in Math, we will be introducing multiplication by studying odds and evens, arrays, repeated addition and forming equal groups. We will learn songs that help us memorize our multiplication facts. In ELA, we will begin learning all about folktales from around the world, continue with prefixes and learn about suffixes with a little grammar review mixed in. Science will be very exciting as we learn about the life cycles of different animals such as a butterflies, frogs, people and plants. There will bedefinitely some planting activities. Social Studies will keep us right here in our home state of Georgia, as we focus on important people of Georgia and Civil Rights such as Jimmy Carter, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and and review of Jackie Robinson. Our next Writing unit will be on Poetry where we will teach our students the special techniques that poets use in their writing so they will also be able to create wonderful poetry.
Please put the following dates on your calendar:
April 11th-Field Trip to Center of Puppetry Arts
April 25th-Trip to the Botanical Gardens
April 28th and May 1st-Fernbank will come to Woodward

Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Humsi, Mrs. McElveen, Ms. Tereniak, Ms. Osborn, Ms. Banks, and Ms. Emerson

Yvette Banks
Teacher, Grade 2
Laura Ann Emerson
Teacher, Grade 2
Erin Humsi
Teacher, Grade 2
Holly Maddox
Teacher, Grade 2
Hannah McElveen
Teacher, Grade 2
Alicia Osborn
Teacher, Grade 2
Colleen Tereniak
Teacher, Grade 2
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